Translational Research

Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program

The U-M Biomedical Engineering Department’s Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program supports research directed at promising technologies within research laboratories that are progressing towards commercial development and clinical practice.

Enlighten – Explore commercial viability and refine milestones

A tailored program that provides a deep-dive assessment of a project’s commercial viability and determines milestone needs. Up to $20,000 in funding will be allocated to support each project selected for the Enlighten program. Enlighten teams will be invited to pitch for Evolve Awards to execute on strategic plan milestones.

Evolve – Turn research projects into investible opportunities

Evolve will be used to execute strategic plans to reduce commercial risk and increase the likelihood attracting investors or follow-on funding. Funding typically ranges from $30k to $150k based on project needs-to-hit milestones. The program is funded by the proceeds of an endowment from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, with a match from the University of Michigan Medical School and College of Engineering.