Pursue Your Passion

Align Your Interests

An advanced degree in Biomedical Engineering offers courses that allow students to align their interests with a choice of curricula designed to accelerate their careers. Master’s graduates are prepared for a wide range of jobs in medical-oriented industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices. In addition, the master’s degree is excellent preparation for further study in graduate or medical school.

U-M BME offers three master’s degree options: MS, MSE, and MEng. Within the MS and MSE degrees, there are five concentrations:

  • Bioelectrics and Neural Engineering (MSE, MS)
  • Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (MSE, MS)
  • Biomedical Imaging and Ultrasonics (MSE, MS)
  • Biotechnology and Systems Biology (MSE, MS)
  • Biomechanics and Biotransport (MSE, MS)

The MEng degree is called Advanced Medical Produce Engineering & Development (AMPED) and is designed for those who are pursuing careers in the medical technology industry.

Professional Achievement

Optimizing Your Opportunities

A master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering provides advanced preparation for you to make an impact on your career.

The Michigan BME master’s program provides the opportunity to specialize in areas that reflect the latest research and development in biomedical engineering. Master’s students take advanced courses, gain hands-on laboratory and product-development experience, and receive professional training to enhance your effectiveness as you progress through your career.

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