Graduate Financial Support

We support BME Ph.D. graduate students who do not have full external fellowships through Internal Fellowships and Graduate Student Instructor and Research Assistant positions, all of which include health insurance, a monthly stipend, and tuition. BME M.S. graduate students may find financial support through several means, as discussed below.

All BME PhD students are guaranteed full funding.

Office of the Registrar – Information on tuition and fees.
U-M Office of Financial Aid – link to financial aid site to apply for need-based financial aid.


All Ph.D. applicants are considered for an internal fellowship when applications are reviewed; no additional forms are required. Fellowship recipients are notified by the Department.

Ph.D. track students with an excellent academic record are also eligible to apply in their senior year for a three and four year National Science Foundation Fellowships to support their doctorate studies in Biomedical Engineering.

Graduate Student Instructor Positions

These positions may be reduced percentage appointments and students will need a second source of support. GSI responsibilities include:

  • Lab or problem-solving sessions
  • Grading and grading supervision
  • Holding office hours
  • Attending lectures
  • Organizational meetings with faculty

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) applications are accepted for the fall and winter terms. Current M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students in the BME Department receive an email application in the term prior to the one in which they would be teaching. The Department Chair, Associate Chair, Class Instructor, and Department Manager make GSI selections.

Selection criteria will include:

  • Applicant’s background with the class being taught
  • Applicant’s funding status – graduate students who require funding and who have received an offer of financial support from the department are given first priority
  • Applicant’s dedication and experience with teaching
  • Applicant must be a BME student in good standing and making adequate progress towards a degree
  • Applicant must possess excellent communication skills

Graduate Student Research Assistant Positions

Our faculty decides whom they will hire as Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs). Generally, GSRA positions are limited to fully-funded Ph.D. students supported by their faculty mentors. Applicants interested in a GSRA position should contact the faculty members with whom they are interested in working to see if these faculty have positions available.

Pay Dates

As a BME/PhD student, be aware that your monthly pay date will differ, depending on whether you are being paid on a fellowship or as a GSRA/GSI.

Payment dates for students who are receiving departmental fellowships or training grants can be found here.

For questions related to fellowship or training grant stipend payments, please contact the BME Research Office or the Office of Financial Aid in the Student Activities Building.

Students who are employed as a GSI, GSSA, or GSRA will receive their monthly paychecks on the last working day of each month. Note that due to the closure of the University at the end of each December, the December payment will come early. Monthly paychecks/direct deposit will be available on the following dates listed here. For questions related to GSI, GSSA, or GSRA salary payments, please contact BME HR or the Shared Services Center.