Undergraduate Academic Advising

Who Do You Contact for Academic Questions?

1. Your professor is the first stop for any questions you may have about your coursework or class.

All undergraduate and graduate student forms are now available on the BME INTRANET in the Student Resources > Forms section. You will need to log in using your M+Google (Level 1) account. If you are unable to access these files please contact bme-web@umich.edu for assistance.

Academic Advisor

2. Academic Advisor Rachel Patterson serves as key administrative support for the Undergraduate Education Committee (UEC) and is the advisor for undergraduate education. She will serve as liaison to undergraduates for additional support needs.


Undergraduate Advisor


Undergraduate Chair

Undergraduate Chair Ariella Shikanov oversees the entire BME undergraduate curriculum.


Department Chair

Dr. Mary-Ann Mycek is the Department Chair and her responsibility is for all BME Departmental Operations.