Accelerated Master’s Financial Support


Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS) students must pay Rackham fees for all classes taken during the terms they are classified as graduate students. SUGS students should expect to pay two terms of graduate level tuition before completion of the M.S.E. degree. Please refer to the tuition section of the current Time Schedule for tuition rates on the Registrar’s Office web site.

Financial aid

Need-based: SUGS status may affect your eligibility for undergraduate and graduate financial aid. If you receive or hope to receive federal financial aid (loans, grants scholarships, or work-study) talk to a counselor in the Office of Financial Aid before applying to SUGS.

Because your aid status changes when you enter graduate school, most of the need-based financial aid for undergraduates is not available to students enrolled in a graduate program.

Merit Based: The Department of Biomedical Engineering awards merit-based aid (fellowships, graduate student instructorships and research assistantships) to graduate level students. The majority of this aid is reserved for students who are Ph.D. track. SUGS students will normally not be eligible for this aid.