Leaders and Best

Pioneering Faculty

Our faculty are leading researchers in their fields, generating innovative solutions focused on biological advances, ranging from engineering tissues and artificial organs, to changing genes. Our researchers also develop clinical applications and advance technology in cellular diagnostics, imaging, medical devices, computational areas, and much more.

Innovators Welcome

To improve healthcare, our solutions must move from conception to reality. Michigan supports its life science innovators through:

  • Education programs run by the Center for Entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering
  • Funding and training for emerging innovators through the National Science Foundation and Innovation-Corps Program
  • Translational research funding through the Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program and M-Trac Life Sciences
  • Michigan’s own life-science-focused venture capital fund, the Michigan Biomedical Venture Fund

Student Support

Full Funding for Engineering Doctoral Students

All Michigan Engineering doctoral students are guaranteed full funding, provided they continue to meet all of the milestones on the path to their doctorate. We support BME Ph.D. students who do not have full external fellowshipes through internal Fellowships and Graduate Student Instructor and Research Assistant positions.

Ph.D. Requirements

Once students complete the master’s-degree requirements outlined in the BME Graduate Curriculum, they take a minimum of nine additional graded credit hours directly related to their Ph.D. research. These 9 credit hours are decided upon by the student and their research advisor.

Information on policies for academic probation and dismissal for Ph.D. students can be found in the forms folder.

Students complete a course plan of study at the start of their graduate studies, following the Curriculum. The Plan of Study form can be found in the Graduate Forms Folder. Students’ classes can change from their original plan of study while they are a student, but their final M.S. courses ultimately must meet the overall guidelines as outlined in the Curriculum.

  • As described in the Curriculum, MS/MSE and Ph.D. students may participate in Directed Research for credit, through BIOMEDE 590. Guidelines for Directed Research are also found in the graduate forms folder.
  • Ph.D. Pre-Candidate students must complete the Qualifying Exam prior to being granted Ph.D. Candidacy. This typically occurs after two years if entering the program without an M.S., or after one year of entering with an M.S. Further information on the Qualifying Exam can be found in the graduate forms folder.
  • Special circumstances for a student’s Curriculum will be considered via petition. See the graduate forms folder for the petitions we offer.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are as diverse as the research areas of our faculty, who come not only from the College of Engineering and the Medical School, but also from:


All graduate student forms are now available on the BME INTRANET in the Student Resources > Forms section. You will need to log in using your M+Google (Level 1) account. If you are unable to access these files please contact for assistance.

Download our Doctoral Program brochure.