Success Stories

The Coulter Program at the University of Michigan has provided translational research funding leading to several successful commercial exits, in the form of venture capital backed start-up companies and technology licensing to existing companies. Here are a few of our success stories:

RLS Interventional, Inc.

RLS Interventional, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of medical devices, specifically precision tools for reducing the uncertainty of diagnosis. RLS licensed the rights to a surgical tool that was developed by Plastic Surgery and Mechanical Engineering faculty to facilitate the surgical procedure for the treatment of painful neuromas (tangled bundles of nerve and scar tissue).

Optofluidic BioAssay, LLC

Optofluidic BioAssay, LLC is the developer and manufacturer of a novel, microfluidic 96-well ELISA plate that improves workflow, decreases assay time, and maintains assay performance with less reagent volume.

Tissue Regeneration Systems, Inc.

Tissue Regeneration Systems, Inc. is a medical device company commercializing a bioresorbable polymer platform technology for skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration. Their first FDA Approved product is a Cranial Bone Void Filler indicated for use in the repair of neurosurgical burr holes. Visit their website for more information:

HistoSonics, Inc.

HistoSonics, Inc. is a medical device company commercializing histotripsy, a non-invasive surgical technique that uses the mechanical, not thermal, properties of focused ultrasound to precisely destroy targeted tissue with reduced complications as compared to competitive techniques. Visit their website for more information: