Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program

The U-M Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program is a commercialization program that seeks to accelerate the development of university technologies into new products to improve health care.

The Coulter Program collaboratively works with UM faculty to develop medical device concepts invented at UM and license the related IP rights to medical device companies who complete development and seek FDA approvals.

The Coulter Program has two award programs – Enlighten and Evolve.

Enlighten Award:

Awardees receive direct mentoring from medical device industry experts and outside investors along with market, regulatory and IP landscape assessments, and introductions to medical device companies. Program deliverables culminate with product strategic plans. Enlighten awardees will be invited to pitch for Evolve Awards to execute on strategic plans.

Evolve Award:

Uncover â€“ New product design planning, early prototyping and verification studies.

Emerge â€“Advanced prototype development, FDA interactions, validation studies (bench, animal, human), and partnering meetings with medical device companies.

Evolve awards include support and funding that typically ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 with funding provided to achieve project milestones. Each project aims to generate a new medical device and is mentored by a team of industry experts to guide projects to the point of licensing to an existing company or startup positioned for venture capital financing.

The program is funded by the proceeds of an endowment from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, with a match from the University of Michigan Medical School and UM College of Engineering.