Peter Tessier, Ph.D.

Albert M. Mattocks Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


NCRC, B10-179
2800 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


(734) 763-1486

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Tessier Lab

Research Interests

The Tessier lab aims to develop next generation technologies for designing, discovering, engineering, characterizing, formulating, and delivering biologics ranging from small affinity peptides to large monoclonal antibodies for molecular imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. This interdisciplinary research program involves the use of experimental and computational approaches to generate new fundamental insights related to protein structure and function, molecular origins of protein-protein interactions, and sequence and structural determinants of key protein properties (stability, solubility, specificity, and affinity). With an eye toward applications, the Tessier lab also develops novel high-throughput screening tools for discovering new biologics and identifying rare variants with drug-like properties for therapeutic applications.

Research Areas:

Bio-Micro Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering, Bio-Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Functional and Molecular Imaging

Additional Title(s)

  • Professor, Chemical Engineering