Rachael Schmedlen, Ph.D.

Teaching Professor, Biomedical Engineering


2218 Lurie Biomedical Engineering
1101 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2110


(734) 763-0575


  • Ph.D., Bioengineering; Rice University, Houston, TX
  • B.S.E., Chemical Engineering; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Interests

Research Areas:

Engineering Education

Additional Title(s)

  • Director of Academic Programs, College of Engineering


Rachael Schmedlen is the Director of Academic Programs in the College of Engineering and a Teaching Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan.  She holds a B.S.E. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University.  Dr. Schmedlen has played a crucial role leading the evolution of the biomedical engineering curriculum and currently oversees the first-year curriculum in the College of Engineering.  Passionate about expanding engaged, active-learning experiences for students, Dr. Schmedlen has taught BME capstone design every year since joining UM as a faculty member and has developed a year-long undergraduate design course, biomedical engineering laboratory, and clinical observation and needs finding course.  In addition, she established and currently runs the Clinical Peer Mentors clinical immersion, front-end design summer program.


  • BME 451/452: Biomedical Engineering Design
    • Fall 2008 – present
  • BME 450: Biomedical Engineering Design
    • Winter 2005-2021
  • BME 499:  Clinical Observation and Needs Finding
    • Spring 2011 – Fall 2019
  • Engr 100: Biomedical Engineering and Human Values in the Age of COVID-19
    • Fall 2020
  • Engr 100: Biotechnology and Human Values
    • Fall 2005-2009, 2013-2016
  • BME 241: Introductory BME Lab
    • Fall 2007, 2011, 2012, Winter 2008, 2009
  • BME 584: Tissue Engineering
    • Winter 2005, 2007
  • Eng 110: The Engineering
    • Fall 2006-2009, 2011


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Professional Service

  • Internal
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Design Curricular Working Group
    • Summer 2007 – present
  • Faculty Advisor, Beta Mu Epsilon Professional BME Fraternity
    • Summer 2020 – present
  • UM College of Engineering
  • College Curriculum Committee, member
    • January 2022 – present
  • External
  • U.S. – Africa Teaching Fellows Program, Rice 360
    • Fall 2021 – present
  • American Society for Engineering Education, member
    • 2005 – present
  • Biomedical Engineering Division                                                           
  • Past Chair
    • 2018 – 2019
  • Division Chair
    • 2017 – 2018
  • Program Chair
    • 2016 – 2017
  • Program Chair-elect
    • 2015 – 2016
  • Vice Chair, Honors & Awards
    • 2014 – 2015
  • Session Chair, Annual Meeting,Seattle, WA
    • 2015
  • Moderator, Poster Session, Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
    • 2015
  • Abstract and Paper Reviewer
    • 2012 – present
  • Biomedical Engineering Society, Abstract Reviewer
    • 2006-2009, 2013-2019
  • Biomedical Engineering Education Journal, Reviewer
    • Summer 2020 – present
  • BME Council of Chairs Education Summit, Host Committee
    • 2019
  • VentureWell DEBUT undergraduate design competition, Reviewer/Judge
    • 2016 – 2021     
  • Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Reviewer
    • 2017, 2018


  • 2023: American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Fellow
  • 2022: Theo Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award (ASEE BED)
  • 2021: Collegiate Lecturer (university honor, highest honor for lecturers, career title)
  • 2021: Biomedical Engineering Department Award (College of Engineering)
  • 2018: Eminent Engineer, Tau Beta Pi (student nominated)
  • 2017: Golden Apple nomination, (student nominated teaching award)