James Moon, Ph.D.

J. G. Searle Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


NCRC, B10-A190
2800 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


(734) 936-2570

Primary Website

Moon Lab


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Materials Science & Engineering and Biological Engineering, 2008-2012
  • Ph.D., Bioengineering, Rice University, 2008, Dissertation: Synthesis of Biomimetic Hydrogels for Neovascularization in vivo.
  • B.S., Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2002

Research Interests

The Moon Lab at the University of Michigan is developing new immunotherapies and vaccines at the interface of immunology, pharmaceutics, and engineering. We design new drug delivery systems for improving immune functions in the context of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and the gut microbiome. Our translational immunoengineering research utilizes tools of nanotechnology, biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue engineering, and advanced high-throughput methods to detect and improve immune functions.

Research Areas:

Bio-Micro Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering, Bio-Nanotechnology, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

Additional Title(s)

  • Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor, Chemical Engineering

Key Publications

  • Sun X, Zhang Y, Li J, Park KS, Han K, Zhou X, Xu Y, Nam J, Xu J, Shi X, Wei L, Lei YL, Moon JJ§. Amplifying STING Activation by Cyclic Dinucleotide-Manganese Particles for Local and Systemic Cancer Metalloimmunotherapy. 16, 1260-1270, 2021, Nature Nanotech.
  • Han K, Nam J, Xu J, Sun X, Huang X, Animasahun O, Achreja A, Joen JH, Pursley B, Kamada N, Chen GY, Nagrath D, Moon JJ§. Generation of systemic antitumour immunity via the in situ modulation of the gut microbiome by an orally administered inulin gel. 5, 1377-1388, 2021, Nature Biomedical Eng.
  • Nam J, Son S, Park KS, Moon JJ§. Modularly programmable nanoparticle vaccine based on polyethyleneimine for personalized cancer immunotherapy, 8, 5:2002577, 2021, Advanced Science.
  • Lee Y, Sugihara K, Gillilland MG 3rd, Jon S, Kamada N, Moon JJ§. Hyaluronic acid–bilirubin nanomedicine for targeted modulation of dysregulated intestinal barrier, microbiome and immune responses in colitis. 19, 1, 118-126, 2020, Nature Materials.
  • Scheetz L, Park KS, Li Q, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG, Schwendeman A, Moon JJ§. Engineering patient-specific cancer immunotherapies. 3, 10, 768-782, 2019, Nature Biomedical Engineering.
  • Nam J, Son S, Park KS, Zou W, Shea L, Moon JJ§. Cancer nanomedicine for combination cancer immunotherapy. 4, 398-414, 2019, Nature Reviews Materials.
  • Kuai R, Yuan W, Xu Y, Fan Y, Schwendeman A§, Moon JJ§. Elimination of established tumors with nanodisc-based combination chemoimmunotherapy. 4,4, eaao1736, 2018, Science Advances.
  • Nam J, Son S, Ochyl LJ, Kuai R, Schwendeman A, and Moon JJ§. Chemo-photothermal therapy combination elicits anti-tumor immunity against advanced metastatic cancer. 9, 1, 1074, 2018, Nature Communications.
  • Kuai R, Ochyl LJ, Bahjat KS, Schwendeman A§ and Moon JJ§. Designer vaccine nanodiscs for personalized cancer immunotherapy. 16, 4, 489-496, 2017, Nature Materials. §Co-corresponding authors