Carlos Aguilar wins highly competitive 2018 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award

April 6, 2018

Assistant Professor Carlos Aguilar has been selected to receive the 2018 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award from the 3M Corporation. The 3M award recognizes outstanding faculty on the basis of research, experience, teaching and academic leadership. The award was created over twenty-five years ago by 3M’s Technical Community in partnership with the 3Mgives program to invest in individuals who will lead university teaching and research programs in the future.

Aguilar directs the Nano-Omic-Bio-Engineering-Lab (NOBEL) at U-M Biomedical Engineering. His research develops, optimizes and applies innovative technologies such as integrative genomic assays and high-throughput sequencing, micro/nanofabricated devices, genome editing and computational modeling to their primary area of focus, skeletal muscle.