BME PhD student Yiying Zhu wins 2016 ESB EDGE Award

November 14, 2016

U-M Biomedical Engineering PhD student Yiying Zhu, out of Dr. Oliver Kripfgans Ultrasound Group in Radiology, was selected as one of the recipients of the 2016 Endowment for the Development of Graduate Education (EDGE) award. The award is provided by the Endowment for the Basic Sciences (EBS). Zhu started her PhD at Michigan in the fall of 2103. Her research focuses on a minimally invasive treatment strategy for myocardial reduction of hypertrophic tissue. The proposed treatment uses focused ultrasound to produce sparse microlesions by cavitating circulating clinical ultrasound contrast agent (microbubbles). Zhu plans to the use the award to further her research and make connections in the field.