Graduate Design


Advanced Medical Product Engineering and Development (AMPED) Program – BME 599

AMPED is a professional Master’s degree (MEng) for engineers who want to make an impact in the medical technology industry. The design and development of medical devices and systems is a complex and highly structured process. Engineers play key roles at all stages of medical product development, including needs finding, concept generation, mechanical design, prototyping, testing, fabrication, and commercialization. The goal of the AMPED program is to provide students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to bring new and improved medical devices to the clinic in the context of the current healthcare environment. Key features of the program include:

• A design-build-test practicum, in which student teams form around clinical problems and work together to create new product concepts.
• Core content in quality systems, risk management, and regulatory structures, which are foundational to medical product development.
• Preparation in advanced concepts of current importance in the medical technology industry, including telehealth, cybersecurity, AI/ML in healthcare, value-based care, inclusive design, and sustainable product development.
• Professional development and leadership training to enhance self-awareness and cross-functional teamwork.

Here is the link to the AMPED website