Reporting Concerns and Misconduct


BME strives for a community built on respect and integrity. Actions against those values do not only hurt our community members, but weaken our community and what we can achieve as a whole. While we respect the choices of those who encounter misconduct, we hope everyone feels comfortable pointing out instances of wrongdoing without fear of retaliation.

If you encounter inappropriate behavior or misconduct, or if you are unsure if you have experienced such behavior, there are resources and contacts available for you.

Before you report, you must decide if you would like to keep your initial conversation confidential. Some contacts are required to officially share your report and others may keep your conversation confidential.

Those who are required to report your concerns of prohibited behavior involving sexual assault, sexual or gender-based, intimate partner violence, stalking, or retaliation related to reports of any of the above concerns, are called Individuals with Reporting Obligations (IROs). Individuals with Reporting Obligations (IROs) can also help you to make a report yourself.

If you want to maintain confidentiality, or are uncertain whether you want to have a formal complaint filed, your first action might be to contact those who are not considered IROs. Confidential employees can also help you make a report if you decide you wish to do so.

U-M Guidelines for Conduct

Standard Practice Guide
Official repository for the institution-wide policies and procedures of the University of Michigan, maintained to guide and direct the university community.

Standard Practice Guide Policies – Sexual Harassment
U-M definition and policy regarding sexual harassment.

Standard Practice Guide Policies – Discrimination & Harassment
U-M definition and policy regarding discrimination and harassment.

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
U-M policy & procedures on student sexual & gender-based misconduct & other forms of interpersonal violence.

There are several ways to report your concerns:

Submit a report to the department (if you wish to remain anonymous DO NOT submit your name)

NOTE: This form is read by BME Department Administrator Ann Smith, Senior Associate Chair, David Sept, and Department Chair, Mary-Ann Mycke. All three are Individuals with Reporting Obligations, so if your report meets the criteria for reporting it will be submitted for further review either anonymously or with your name if provided.

To maintain confidentiality or get advice

You are encouraged to discuss your concerns with one of the individuals listed below who is not mandated to share information if you are unsure of what to do. Those who can guarantee confidentiality include:

To report concerns to the university

To report concerns of sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, sexual or gender-based harassment, other forms of discrimination including discriminatory harassment under the University’s Nondiscrimination Statement:

Office for Institutional Equity (OIE)
Call: 734-763-0235
Submit online:
In-person: 2072 Administrative Services Building, 1009 Greene Street

You may also report concerns to OIE and learn more about the University’s policies and available resources, at

To report concerns of possible criminal conduct:
Division of Public Safety & Security (DPSS), including UMPD
Call: 911, or for non-emergencies, (734) 763-1131
Text: 377911
In-person: Campus Safety Services Building, 1239 Kipke Drive

Individuals with Reporting Obligations (IROs)

Be aware that if you share information with the following contacts, considered Individuals with Reporting Obligations (IROs), they are mandated to share information they receive about any prohibited conduct with the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), and you will likely be contacted by OIE for more information regarding your concerns and to make you aware of your options.

In BME, IROs that must report any misconduct include, but may not be limited to:

Mary-Ann MycekDepartment 647-6851
David SeptSr. Associate Department 615-9587
Tim BrunsGraduate Program 647-8727
Rachael SchmedlenUndergraduate Program 763-0575
Jan StegemannMasters Program 764 8313
Tareta JohnsonResearch Process 615-9404
Rachel PattersonUndergraduate/SUGS Advisor/ 763-5290
Maria SteeleGraduate 647-1091
Ann SmithChief Department 764-4569
Jennifer ReigerHR 615-6971
Thomas MartenManaging Director – Coulter 647-1680

Outside of BME, those that must report any misconduct include: