The BME Exchange Provides Students With Opportunities to Connect with Professionals

The BME Exchange events introduce students to professionals with a variety of backgrounds who represent different aspects of the BME field.

The BME Exchange meeting on Thursday evening, April 11, welcomed BME alum John Seamans, M.S.E., Michigan Biomedical Venture Fund Manager, who discussed his journey from a hands-on MedTech professional to more of an advisor role facilitating startup funding for some novel technologies and new businesses. Drawing from his experiences at a corporate giant like GE and a smaller enterprise like Delphinus, he delved into the challenges and rewards of both environments, emphasizing how his technical prowess and desire to solve clinical problems led him to opportunities to provide strategic guidance and utilize the presentation and communication skills he’s been honing over the years. He also described how students can fit what they care about into their career aspirations. 

Seamans also highlighted the power of alumni connections, explaining how nurturing relationships beyond graduation can yield substantial professional dividends. With BME alumni investors on his board and being in positions to hire from among the BME community in his career, he stressed the importance of cultivating these networks for personal and professional growth. Advice: “Don’t only network with alumni when you need a job.” He also highlighted these points:

  • Personal Impact in MedTech: He shared how his involvement in bringing advanced CT machines to fruition at GE directly impacted him and his family during medical emergencies. His stories underscored the tangible human benefits of working in the MedTech industry, encapsulated in the mantra, “You might need it someday.”
  • Tips for Success: He offered several suggestions for success. One example is taking time to build relationships. “People want to work with people they respect and like. IQ isn’t enough. You must have EQ to succeed.”