2016 Wolverine ‘Women to Watch’

April 11, 2016

Ostrowski (center) helps students prepare to present their prototype at Logan Elementary in Ann Arbor. Credit: Joseph Xu.

BME senior Anastasia Ostrowski was recently named one of 26 up-and-coming women innovators at U-M. She and fellow engineering student Anya LaRoche founded Elementary Engineering Partnerships (EEP), a group that partners with local schools to introduce elementary students to engineering design. Over eight weeks, CoE student-facilitators take small groups of students through a series of modules that teach key steps in the design process while working with a “customer” at the school to identify a problem and design a prototype to solve it. One group worked with an administrator whose office was too dark; they prototyped a door with a revolving window that could be opened for light or closed for privacy. The group currently has 15 student facilitators from across the CoE.

Read more: http://innovateblue.umich.edu/wolverine-women-to-watch-in-2016/