Student Life

BME is a small, supportive community within a big university. You’ll find approachable faculty and great, committed staff who can help you make the most of your academic opportunity.

The GSC (Graduate Student Council) hosts cookouts throughout the summer for all on the lawn outside of LBME enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather and fantastic company.

Make yourself at home

There’s plenty to do outside the classroom, too.

Graduate students, faculty, and staff participate in “Aloha Fridays” over the summer culminating in a department-wide end of summer Luau with prizes and great local BBQ food.

Get involved / Student Organizations

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

The primary goal of the University of Michigan chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is to serve both undergraduate and graduate students interested in biomedical engineering by assisting their academic, professional, and social development. Thus, the organization will strive to provide information regarding curriculum options, research opportunities, and industrial and academic employment prospects. Additionally, it will distribute information about biomedical engineering to the University community and encourage unity among the biomedical engineering department’s students, faculty, and staff as well as interested individuals from other disciplines.


MedLaunch is a community of students at the University of Michigan passionate about healthcare and biomedical innovation. Students of different backgrounds from Engineering, LSA, STAMPS, the School of Music, and many more participate in a year-long Biodesign Challenge to develop assistive technology for local community partners with disabilities. Our motto is that we design WITH our community partners instead of FOR our community partners, which means that our members work side-by-side with their community partners to create a customized product that directly addresses their needs. At MedLaunch, we enable our members to become leaders, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Together, we are making our community a healthier and more equitable place.


M-HEAL (Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives) is a student organization at the University of Michigan that fosters interdisciplinary work in global health, design, and entrepreneurship. We engage students from various backgrounds in these efforts through guest lectures, interactive workshops, and volunteer opportunities. We support project teams as they develop health care solutions and as they travel abroad to work with international partners. In all of our activities, M-HEAL strives to cultivate a well-informed, creative, and collaborative community prepared to make a positive impact for global health.

Our mission is to use education, needs assessment, design innovation, and social entrepreneurship to improve access to health care in underdeveloped communities. We envision a world where every person has access to appropriate, affordable, and high-quality health care.

Michigan Sling Health

Sling Health is a national, student-run incubator that brings together engineering, medical, business, and arts and sciences students to invent novel devices and software applications targeting unmet clinical needs. University of Michigan’s Sling Health chapter is one of eight chapters nationwide striving to make medical entrepreneurship more attainable for students and physicians.

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply to join Sling Health in the fall semester. Once admitted, students form teams based on the clinical problems they would like to solve, leveraging Sling Health’s clinical problem database to identify real-world, unmet clinical needs. Our nine-month experiential curriculum includes three design reviews that guide students through clinical assessment,  prototype creation, and business development. Our teams receive access to several resources,
to include funding, lab and workshop space, prototyping tools and equipment, legal services, and mentorship from experts. Additionally, our students get the opportunity to pitch in various competitions, including our annual University of Michigan Demo Day and National Demo Day. 

International opportunities

There’s plenty to do outside the classroom, too.