Meningitis: Steps to prevent future contamination

U-M researchers discuss how a recent outbreak of fungal meningitis distributed through spinal steroid injections has once again brought to light the difficulty of compounding pharmaceutical companies to maintain quality control over their products. Professors Kotov and Wang explain how a combination of better oversight and easier testing methods could ultimately help prevent issues like this in the future.

ABOUT THE PROFESSOR: Henry Wang is a professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His research interests include the global healthcare sector, comprised of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, regulatory agencies such as FDA, healthcare providers, insurers and consumers.

Nicholas A. Kotov is the Joseph B. and Florence C. Cejka Professor of Engineering. He is committed to engaging in the “most creative, forward looking, and unorthodox scientific and engineering discoveries.” He runs The Kotov Lab at the University of Michigan.