Ann and Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building

The Ann and Robert H Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building, completed in 2006, features 20,000 square feet of interactive research and educational instruction space. The "open floor plan" of the lab space within the building is designed to facilitate collaboration among researchers and allow occupants to keep and maintain shared equipment. As an example of benefits of a shared work area, the first floor of the research area has a clean room available to all occupants. Another beneficial feature of the "open floor plan" design of the LBME lab space is the openness of the space. Unlike many laboratory settings the LBME labs are very bright, open, and sunny as a result of the "wall of glass" style windows in the lab wing.

The LBME labs are home to not only intelligently designed spaces, but also some of the most advanced research equipment available. Researchers work with the latest in laser technology, including a brand new EOS Formiga P100 Selective Laser Sintering Machine, which uses high speed lasers to build prototypes out of a special polymer dust. The department also just received a Liquid Scintillation Counter, which counts and measures radioactivity within a solution. Other notable equipment includes a GE Healthcare Systems PreClinical micro-computed tomography scanner, SolidScape T66BT Rapid prototyping system, and a MTS Alliance RT-30 electromechanical testing frame.