Ramkumar T. Annamalai, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist, Biomedical Engineering

(734) 647-2868
2166 Lurie Biomedical Engineering
1101 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2110

As an independent researcher, Dr. Annamalai is interested in
understanding the roles of the immune system in neotissue formation
and applying this knowledge to the development of immunomodulatory
therapies for musculoskeletal and vascular regeneration. To this end,
he studies the role of macrophages in heterotrophic ossification (HO)
and in various inflammatory conditions to elucidate their regenerative
potential. He also develops microengineered material systems and
immunomodulatory strategies to make cellular and molecular therapies
useful in treating disease and trauma. His research interests span
both basic and translational research areas. His unique
interdisciplinary training and education help him to develop
innovative approaches for engineering artificial tissues and
regenerative therapies.


Research interests: Immunotherapies, Immunomodulation, Regenerative Immunology, Musculoskeletal Regeneration, Vascularization