Joan Greve, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

2119 Carl A. Gerstacker Building
2200 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2099

The Greve lab consists of researchers driven by the biological question. Globally, we: a) use imaging to study physiology and pathophysiology; b) concentrate on imaging technology development as needed; and, c) combine in vivo and in silico methods. In particular, we focus on optimizing or developing pre-clinical imaging techniques (primarily MRI) to study vascular biology in a number of organ systems and pathophysiologies using preclinical models of the human condition. Where appropriate, the Greve lab collaborates with experts in computational fluid dynamics modeling, to complement experimental data. Our goal is to perform superlative basic and translational science that influences the fields of physiology/pathophysiology, imaging science, and therapeutic development. The Greve Lab strives to provide leadership in preclinical imaging, mentorship to the next generation of biomedical engineers, and collaboration across any and all departments when pre-clinical imaging can have a significant impact on understanding the biological question of interest.