Beata Chertok, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
St. Baldrick’s Scholar in Pediatric Oncology Research

(734) 763-2656
3010 College of Pharmacy
428 Church Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1065

Dr. Chertok’s research program aims to engineer ‘remote control’ therapies. Drugs that traffic through the human body often settle in undesired locations, thereby causing side effects. What if drug trafficking could be remote-controlled? One click on the remote – and the blood-stream injected drug is activated selectively in a diseased region of the brain. Another click – and the patient’s own immune cells are provoked to attack cancerous growth. Toward realization of these ideas, the Chertok laboratory for ‘Remote and Image-Guided Therapeutics’ focuses on design of remotely-actuated biomaterials at the nanometer and micrometer scales. These materials are engineered to encapsulate therapeutics, mediate spatially-defined drug and gene delivery and stimulate target cells in response to remote, tissue-penetrant magnetic or acoustic signals. In order to manipulate the trafficking of drugs in the body, it is important to monitor their distribution. Toward this goal, the lab designs drug carriers that are visible to clinical imaging modalities such as MRI and ultrasound and develops quantitative imaging techniques. Dr. Chertok’s research lies at the interface of pharmaceutical sciences and biomedical engineering and borrows expertise from the fields of biomaterials engineering, bio-actuation and medical imaging as well as drug/gene delivery, nano-micro encapsulation and pharmacokinetics.