BIOMEDE 499.060 - AI in BME

Instructor: Chandrasekaran, Sriram
The goal of this course is to introduce and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to problems in Biomedical Engineering. AI algorithms can learn patterns from biomedical data sets to provide actionable insights on disease diagnosis or treatment. This course will focus on practical applications of AI in BME with hands-on tutorials. This course will provide an overview of a wide range of AI and machine-learning tools (e.g. clustering, regression, decision trees, random forests and neural networks), biomedical data sets (imaging, omics, health records) and diseases (cancer, cardiovascular-, infectious- and brain diseases).
Prerequisites: Advised: Biology 172 or 174, Math 116, Engineering 101
Credits: 2

Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous, In-Person – Synchronous