BIOMEDE 599.002 (Fall Term) 599.004 (Winter Term) - Graduate Innovative Design in Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Innovative Design is a two term course that stimulates students to explore their own solutions to biomedical challenges. Students experience the entire spectrum of innovative design, from concept generation through design validation to prototype fabrication. The course challenges students to learn about the current state of the art, explore the technical needs and current challenges, and brainstorm new solutions with members of the medical community.

This first term is dedicated to needs assessment through a series of lectures by practicing physicians who describe challenges they face in the clinic. Students formulate a set of possible solutions, evaluate each solution, and then assemble into design teams to work on selected solutions. The focus of the second term is on product prototyping, validation, and commercialization strategy. Each team participates in a series of design reviews and workshops that highlight key aspects of product development. Guest lecturers in key areas of medical technology commercialization provide guidance. Students are encouraged to participate in national and local design and business competitions throughout the year. Successful designs compete to represent the University of Michigan in a national design competition at the end of the second semester.
Credits: 3 (Fall) 4 (Winter)