BIOMEDE 499.005 - BME Instructional Innovation Incubator

Instructor: Aileen Huang-Saad, Ph.D.
Interested in changing the BME curriculum? Interested in creating meaningful student learning experiences? BME499/599 is looking for upper level BME undergraduates, SUGS, and doctoral students for Fall 2017. This is a 1 semester (3 credit) instructional innovation incubator that will co-create and design a NEW sophomore level BME250 course to be launched in 2018. This course is part of a new initiative to revolutionize BME education @ U-M to address the dynamic landscape of biomedical engineering practice. Be a part of the change!

Students and a BME instructional faculty team will apply the principles of engineering design, informed by evidence-based instructional practices and student learning principles, to explore relevant content and instructional approaches to engage underclassmen in cutting edge biomedical engineering practice. Student and faculty teams will interview current students, alumni, and employers to identify critical skills and best practices that should be incorporated in a sophomore-level BME course. Teams will use this information to identify course content and create exercises and projects to will be used in the new BME250 course.
(Meets with BIOMEDE 599.005)
Credits: 3

Instruction Mode: Online – Synchronous, In-Person – Synchronous