BIOMEDE 474 - Introduction to Tissue Engineering

Instructor: Ariella Shikanov, Ph.D.
This is an introductory course in tissue engineering that covers fundamental topics in the field and includes four laboratory hands-on sessions. Both components of the course will focus on how engineering principles can be applied to design and fabricate functional tissues and organs. Key principles of tissue engineering will be highlighted using examples from a range of tissue types, and then practiced in the lab. Main topics include: tissue components, biomaterials for tissue engineering, cell-matrix interactions, regenerative processes, engineering of specific tissues, recent advances in tissue engineering. The class will use examples from the current scientific literature and will rely on interactive in-class discussions.
Prerequisites: This course is intended for senior undergraduates and SGUS/graduate students. There are no formal prerequisites, but students are advised to have completed a rudimentary course in biomaterials (BIOMEDE 410), a first course in mechanics or biomechanics, as well as an introductory course in transport phenomena (momentum, heat, and mass transfer). Students should also have a rudimentary knowledge of cell biology and protein structure.
Credits: 3