BME’s Rachel Patterson Discusses How an Engineering Background Benefits Students Aiming for Health Careers

February 2, 2024

U-M BME’s Rachel Patterson, Student Administration Manager, is co-author of an article called “Navigating the Pre-Health Journey in the College of Engineering: Considerations and Challenges,” featured in the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions website magazine. The article details the advantages that an engineering degree can provide for students pursuing health-related careers.

“Students pursuing undergraduate degrees in engineering are trained to approach problems through the lenses of design and optimization. They are given the practical tools for utilizing technologies that can be used for creative problem-solving. They are taught to be resourceful and work with others to accomplish the end goals of creating, developing, or improving. In this way, the skills that undergraduates develop as engineering majors are well-suited for addressing the challenges of working in healthcare,” the article states.