Cell Transplantations & Therapies


Cell transplantation and therapies seek to create and refine processes for cells to be introduced to the body in a controlled manner to direct function, regrow tissue, and fight disease. We have technologies for engineering the cells, as well as for engineering the environment to maximize engraftment and function.

What We Do:

  • Cell survival and engraftment
  • Directed differentiation
  • Immune modulation
  • Hydrogels and microporous scaffolds


    • Stem-cell therapies (cancer, diabetes)
    • Spinal Cord injury
    • Fertility preservation
    • Revascularization of tissues and organs
    • Cartilage/bone regeneration and replacement




















Relevant Research from BME Faculty

Dr. Jan Stegemann – Development and testing of cell-based therapies

The Stegemann laboratory focuses on how cells interact with the 3D protein matrix around them and how these interactions can be used to develop better biomaterials and engineered tissues. The main application areas are in cardiovascular and orthopaedic tissues.

In these projects we are developing ways to control the phenotype of progenitor cells using defined microenvironmental cues. Our goal is to prime cells to regenerate desired tissues upon transplantation to challenging sites of wound repair.



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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