Training Grants

Microfluidics in Biomedical Sciences Training Program (MBSTP)

The MBSTP supports an interdisciplinary approach to graduate training that emphasizes biomedical microfluidics. The program is funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) and features an intellectually exciting blend of training in basic biological sciences as well as quantitative disciplines (chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics).

The program supports 6 students each for 2 years. Forty-five faculty members from 20 different departments from the College of Engineering, the College of LS&A, and the Medical School participate.

The program also sponsors several activities open to all interested students:

  • Annual symposium
  • Seminar series
  • PIBS 503
  • CHE 696 (core course)

Please contact the Program Coordinator Pat Metzler ( for more information.

Cellular Biotechnology Training Program

The Cellular Biotechnology Training Program (CBTP) at the University of Michigan brings academic and industrial scientists together to train Ph.D. students in biotechnology. CBTP emphasizes the vibrant combination of technology and fundamental scientific disciplines that make it possible to understand and use biology to actively change medicine and the life sciences.

The CBPT program provides students in a wide range of graduate programs an enhanced educational experience that emphasizes Interdisciplinary thinking, research training in quantitative science and practical training opportunities in industry.

The program includes:

  • Cellular biotechnology 504 (core course)
  • Annual CBTP Symposium (Invited Speaker)
  • Mentoring Lunches
  • Monthly Student Dinner Meetings

Those who complete the program earn a Certificate in Cellular Biotechnology from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

The application deadline is in May of each year.

Please contact the Program Coordinator Pat Metzler ( for more information.