Undergraduate Design


Design Projects – Engineering 100

All BME freshmen attend the same section of ENG 100, which is organized as a company, Blue Genes R&D.

  • Clients are physicians from U-M Health System or School of Dentistry
  • Lectures cover principles of transcription and translation plus emerging diagnostic technologies for genetic disease
  • Deliverables: Paper design, oral presentations, final report, meeting minutes, journals

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Design

  • Students use Matlab, SolidWorks, and COMSOL on a three-part design project
  • Prepares students for 450 & 499

Biomedical Instrumentation and Design

  • Covers circuits, biopotentials, ECG and EMG design, data acquisition, signal analysis, bio-electrode and bio-sensors, pulse oximetry
  • Circuit-related design project may be assigned (system for measuring fitness-related signals during exertion) or chosen by class, depending on instructor
  • Deliverables include design documents, prototypes, in-class demonstrations, and reports.

Senior Capstone Design – BME 450 (semester), 451/452 (full year)

  • Course organized as biomedical instrumentation company
  • Students work in teams of 5-7 on projects sponsored by local industry, UMHS physicians, College of Engineering research labs
  • Covers entire design process: problem definition; design specifications; documentation; design review; prototype fabrication, testing, and calibration