BME Seminar Series

Fall 2017 BME Seminar Series

Thursdays 4-5 PM at 1200 EECS

Date Name Institution Department Host
1/11/2018 Jia Lu Stanford University Chemical Engineering
1/18/2018 Alon Greenbaum California Institute of Technology Biomedical Engineering
1/25/2018 Ashley Laughney Bakhoum Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Biomedical Engineering
2/1/2018 Josh Dolhoff Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Harvard Medical School Biomedical Engineering
2/8/2018 Tobi Giessen Harvard University Systems Biology
2/14/2018 Alex Cartagena-Rivera* National Institutes of Health Auditory Mechanics
2/22/2018 Aristeidis Sotiras University of Pennsylvania Radiology
3/1/2018 Spring Break- No Seminar
3/8/2018 Grace Zhang The George Washington University Biomedical Engineering
3/15/2018 Keith Neeves Colorado School of Mines Chemical and Biological Engineering
3/22/2018 Angela Pannier University of Nebraska Biomedical Engineering Ariella Shikanov
3/29/2018 Fernando Boada Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research Biomedical Engineering Doug Noll
4/5/2018 Konstantinos Konstantopoulos Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering Deepak Nagrath
4/12/2018 Flemming Forsberg Thomas Jefferson University Biomedical Engineering Zhen Xu

*Alex Cartagena-Rivera will be speaking on Wednesday, February 14 at 3:30 pm in LBME 1123.

Please join us for the seminars and take the opportunity to meet with the speakers during their visit!